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Form of -> FTL travel that is per definition faster than Federation warp technologies.

Transwarp propulsion drives are defined as drives that can exceed warp 10,but is mostly defined as drives that are simply significantly faster than Federation propulsion.

The Borg use transwarp propulsion (-> transwarp conduit), and a Delta Quadrant race called the Voth ('Distant Origin' (VOY)) use transwarp too. Since the USS Excelsior, the Federation is experimenting with transwarp drive. The USS Excelsior (NX-2000) was commissioned to test a transwarp propulsion drive constructed by the Federation, but it was deemed unsuccessful by Starfleet Command.

In 'Threshold' (VOY), Tom Paris was the first human achieving a transwarp flight and travelled at warp 10.0 (infinite speed). This made him remember every part of the universe (5 billion gigaquad of computer information). The flight was achieved in the Voyager-shuttle Cochrane. A new form of dilithium, transdilithium, allowed travel at infinite speed. Unfortunately, the trip turned him into a frog-like creature by genetic mutations, as well as Janeway. In 'Day of Honor' (VOY), the crew of Voyager tried to create a Borg -> transwarp conduit, which would make the journey back to the Alpha Quadrant a lot faster. Unfortunately, the experiment failed by tachyons leaking into the dilitihium matrix.

In 'Vis a Vis' (VOY), Steth's ship is powered by a -> coaxial warp drive, which is much faster than conventional warp and can thus be considered as a transwarp drive.