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The most powerful substance known by both the Federation and Borg. Omega is a very unstable, macromolecular substance. One molecule contains theenergy of an entire warp core. In theory, a small chain of Omega molecules could feed energy to an entire civilization.

Both the Federation and Borg were intriged by this fact and tried to use it as power source. An experiment by professor Ketteract in the 2270's destroyed an laboratorium and 127 leading scientists. Omega destructs also subspace in the Lantaru sector (an sector is 20 lightyears great), making warp travel impossible (in theory, the chain reaction of a few Omega molecules could destroy subspace in an entire quadrant). This facts caused the Federation to make the 'Omega Directive' which says that starship captains must destroy Omega immediately when they encounter it. The Omega Directive is only known by Federation captains and flag officers.

The Borg also synthesized an Omega molecule, but it became unstable after one trillionth of a nanosecond (0.000000000000000000000000001 seconds), destroying 29 Borg vessels and killing 600,000 drones. The Borg stopped withthe experiments because there wasn't enough boronite ore left. Omega still symbolizes perfection to the Borg ('The holy grail of the Borg', as Janeway said).

A planetary experiment in the Delta Quadrant destroyed 300,000 square kilometers (450,000 sq. miles), but the Omega molecules remained stable, which was a breakthrough in Omega-physics. The aliens used a harmonic field of 1.67 terahertz (equivalent to Omega's atomic resonance), which forced the Omega molecules to remain stable. The aliens stabilized 200 million Omega molecules, in theory enough to destroy subspace in the entire galaxy.

omicron particles

Particles, created by Space Nebula Creature, used in 'circulatory' system. Thought to be a substitute for anti-matter for the warp drives, as well as fuel for the replicators ('The Cloud' (VOY)). In 'Nemesis' (VOY), Chakotay was conducting a survey mission to a planet with a high concentration of omicron particles in the atmosphere when his shuttle came under attack.