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A Fictitious card game, supposedly played on the planet Beta Antares IV, but in actuality it was a game made up by Kirk. It had strange rules that were subject to change.. especially on a Tuesday. Fizzbin used a standard terrestrial deck of cards, but had complicated rules. Some of the things you could do in Fizzbin are; get a half-fizzbin or a sralk, or even the astronomically impossible royal fizzbin.

The Rules Of The Game

The players get six cards except for the person on the dealers right who gets seven. The second card is turned up (except on Tuesdays). Two jacks is half a Fizzbin but three is a Sralk which disqualifies the player. The player needs a king or a deuce to get back in except at night they need a queen of a four. It's good if another jack is dealt but if the one after is a six, the player must give a card to the dealer. If it's a black six though, the player gets another card. The object of the game is to get a royal fizzbin but the odds against that happening are astronomical. The last card dealt is called a kronk. Kirk gets stopped before he can explain the rest.