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Biped mammalian life form, extremely agressive, strong potential, but normally limited powers, mediocre self-control, easily manipulated if given ostensible freedom (due to their ignorance of their own potential and their tendency to fight among themselves). During their history, they have produced art work of great beauty and their thoughts occasionally verge on the sublime.

Thus, they are a useful species, despite their frequently agitated condition. They are easy to propagate. On their own planet they spread across the surface like weeds, without direction or planning. (In some of their own languages they refer to any domain on Earth not yet occupied by members of their own species as "unspoiled".) They tend to leave a surplus of toxic wastes wherever they live or work, thus control or termination is easily achieved by leaving them to destroy their own living environment.

Nor is it difficult to prevent them from uniting their strength. Their indifference to each other's well- being can be seen even in their preferred mode of personal transport, which leaves poisonous fumes behind to be breathed by anyone else who follows along the same path. It is particularly indicative that these vehicle exhaust pipes are aimed directly at the faces of small children, with the result that the humans' own off-spring are exposed to the highest concentrations of toxic fumes when a car passes among pedestrians.